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Camping With Your Pet

Camping with your pet can be a wonderful adventure for both owners and pets. Before you bring your pet, there are a few things you should know and rules to be followed.

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Water: Lazy Frog Campground has great drinking water, however your pet(s), (like humans) may be sensitive to any change in food or water. For this reason, you may consider bringing bottled water from home. KEEP YOUR PET HYDRATED. Extra panting and warm temperatures warrant extra amounts of water.

Food: Fill ziploc baggies with each food serving per day times the number of days for each pet. Toss them in a tight-lid container, easily accessible at meal time for each feeding.

Doggie Bag: New scents can be confusing for your dog. Pack a bag with comforts from home, such as favorite toys, beddings and snacks.

Droppings: Bring "doggie bags" or stuff toilet paper/paper towel tubes with used plastic garbage bags. Dog waste breaks down slowly, unlike moose or deer "scat." We love dogs, but dispise stepping in or sliding on poop.

6' Leash: It is most comforting for both pets and guests to have your pet closest to you. Long leads can be dangerous for pets and owners.

ID Tags: You should always have updated ID tags on your pet(s). Include your cell phone number when you travel, or write the number on the collar with a black sharpie.

First Aid: Like humans, pets can get injured, and being prepared for any health complication is for the safety of your pet and well-being. Kits can be purchased from a pet-supply store or you can easily assemble your own kit with the following check-list:

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